0408151633Location possibilities are under review for the first Generations Campus site. The goal is to secure existing facilities that have potential for reuse with the needed space for additional facilities. The choice of facility will depend on the funding, which is estimated at between 2-5 Million for a complete campus. Funding Generations Campus will be some of the best money you could ever spend. The campus will be a legacy of hope and life to those who make it a reality. The difference  Generations Campus will make in the lives of special needs adults and elders who live there is profound, as will be the heart-felt relief of the family of GenCampus residents who know that their loved one is in a wonderful place living a life of purpose.

The  Generations project is led by 5 dedicated people with the background to make this vision a reality. Two members of the team, Faith and Holly Vanover, have been managing elder care assisted living homes for 18 years. They know all the details, from menus to recreation to licensing that are needed to operation GenCampus. Holly and Faith will take lead in caring for every  resident, elders and special needs adults, and making sure the staff are able to provide great services and each community member has what they need.

Colleen Howell, though her company The Business Garage, along with Betsy Eubanks, are the business engine of GenGenCampus.  They are working to establish the business, find funding, and work towards building a community that works here in Montana and can be replicated in other communities. Betsy has a Special Needs son and has been active in this community both in California and Montana. She brings to this project an understanding of what parents of special needs adults are hoping for in a living option for their child, as well as understanding what those special adults want as a place to live. Colleen is a successful business entrepreneur. The idea for  Generations Campus came from discussions between Colleen and Betsy, and it was Colleen who recognized that Holly and Faith share the same passion for helping the elder have purpose in a rich, living community.

0408151630The last member of the team, Dave Donaldson, has a background of event management, accounting, and all the other project minuate that will be critical in the launch and operation of GenCampus. Dave will be able to keep campus operations in areas like transportation, community events, and other aspects of this community that will be so much more than just a place to live, running smoothly. These five people are determined to make Generations Campus a reality. They have the body and soul to make this happen – and are just looking for the last piece of the puzzle – the heart. The team is faith-based, and praying daily to find the critical mission person or people who bring the needed financial resources to the team.

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