Generations Campus

Max works every week at an assisted living trialing how the elderly and special needs adults can work together.

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11

God did not say, “Except those of you who are challenged with mental disabilities and those of you who have lived a long life”.   He meant for ALL of us to have a purpose and a hope for the future.   From this core belief, came the idea to combine two growing and valuable sectors of our culture … the highly functional disabled young adults and elderly.

In a culture filled with high expectations for performance and a focus on self-image, young disabled adults and elderly are often viewed as an inconvenience and are pushed out of the common day to day living.   God did not intend this to be the case.   He created each of us to be a part of a master puzzle to show the world His love.

The Generations Campus idea of combining a living space that gives these 2 sectors of society a chance to enhance their lives and contribute to their community was born because we have firsthand experience with some of these challenges. From this perspective developed the conviction that we want to live our lives with purpose and significance until God calls us home. We believe all people want this, but the elderly and special needs adults need help for this to become reality.

There is a growing trend of disabled young adults successfully graduating from high schools and entering an adult world that lacks the structure and support to help them grow and reach their potential.  At the same time, the number of elderly that desire an assisted living environment but don’t need to be in a nursing home is also growing.   The compassion, energy, and enthusiasm that radiates from many disabled young adults, combined with the wisdom and knowledge from the elderly will foster an environment that encourages all residents to thrive in their specific season of life.

We envision a campus setting with lots of opportunities for physical activities, community gatherings and work possibilities.   Each resident would have well planned education, activity and work plans along with campus responsibilities.   An ongoing interaction between the young and elderly adults will foster a family environment and enable extended family members to participate and establish long term plans for their loved ones.

 Generations Campus is daring to imagine a new type of assisted living solution that brings elders and special needs adults together in one community. We are daring to imagine something different and better for people who need assistance and who want to live full lives. To make this a reality, we need others to dare with us. We have the expertise and energy to make Generations Campus become a reality. What we need is financial backing. Someone, somewhere we are praying understands the tragedy of having special needs adults sit alone or waste away in environments with no purpose. Scared for the safety of their children, or lacking any option for a supported home-like living option, parents often keep their special needs children at home until that solution is no longer an option. Parents always move on eventually, leaving the world of their special child disrupted. Across the country there are elderly wasting away in lonely homes. They have more to offer, but what they can do is often not valued.  Generations Campus brings these two communities together to the benefit of both.

If you believe we need new answers, become a GenCampus friend today or offer your support. Do you know of someone who may be the answer to the financial need, please connect them to Generations Campus.